New Leipzig : Family Tree

The new Leipzig School is an interesting phenomenon within the art world. A collection of artists that are, in effect, a counterfactual to contemporary art. Hermitically sealed by oppressive government(s) and a wall, they represent a view of how Western art, and specifically painting, could have developed. It's like twins who were separated at birth and raised by different families. Their similarities are interesting, but it's the differences that expose how, effectively, our lives are perfect refections of society. I took a look at the [educational] lineage of the New Leipzig School to understand, not only about contemporary German art, but how a movement (and its works) develop. 

Below is a flowchart of these connections; it's by no means comprehensive. A small sample of the work of those included on the chart is available here. Each layer represents approximately one generation, and dotted lines indicated non-linear connections.